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The Coastal Plains Institute (CPI) is a nonprofit organization in Florida. It's main purpose is the preservation of the biotic diversity of the Coastal Plain of the southeastern United States. CPI believes its main objective can best be achieved through two activities: Education and Research. It is hoped that through these activities the biotic diversity of the US Coastal Plain will be preserved forever.


A Conservation Strategy for the Imperiled Striped Newt
We have entered into a Cost Share Agreement with the National Forest to conduct a 5-year project that uses repatriation and short-term wetland augmentation to help a critically imperiled amphibian species avoid local extirpation or even extinction. Click here to read the proposal.

Creation of Remote Footprints
We have created a new environmental education and research branch of CPI with a mission to utilize experiential outdoor learning and scientific exploration as tools to inspire individuals and families to appreciate remote and roadless areas. Click here to learn more about Remote Footprints.

Petition to List the Striped Newt
In July of 2008, CPI petitioned the US Fish and Wildlife Service to list the Striped Newt as a federally threatened species under the Endangered Species Act of 1973. We will post any information regarding the outcome of this petition here.

Final Report to FWC "Management Strategies for Florida's Ephemeral Ponds and Pond-Breeding Amphibians".

Draft Database . This is a geo-referenced database of projects conducted in Florida involving pond-breeding amphibians and is in draft form. Rebecca is in the process of finalizing the database, editing errors, and double-checking accuracy. The database has been made available in the meantime to be used in its incomplete form.

Brochure: Florida's Ephemeral Ponds and Pond-Breeding Amphibians for public and private landowners and land managers. Feel free to print and distribute. CPI also has printed versions of this brochure available. For more information, please contact Rebecca: cpi.rebecca@gmail.com or 850-544-5660.

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