Striped Newt Project

In July of 2008, CPI petitioned the US Fish and Wildlife Service to list the Striped Newt as a federally threatened species under the Endangered Species Act of 1973.  Click here to read the petition.

In 2011, we entered into a Cost Share Agreement with the Apalachicola National Forest to conduct a 5-year project that uses repatriation and short-term wetland augmentation to help a critically imperiled amphibian species avoid local extirpation or even extinction. Click here to read the latest annual report (2016).

More Information about striped newts and this project coming soon!  In the meantime, click here to check out the striped newt repatriation project’s Twitter page…

You can be a part of striped newt conservation by participating in our Adopt a Newt Program!  Click here for more details.

Striped Newt