Coastal Plains Institute

The Coastal Plains Institute (CPI) is a nonprofit organization based in Florida. Our mission is to preserve the biotic diversity of the Coastal Plain of the southeastern United States. We believe our goal can best be achieved through three activities: Education, Research, and Land Conservancy. We invite you to explore our website and not only learn all the ways we are accomplishing our objectives but also how you can get involved and help us achieve our mission!


Great news — The Adopt an Ephemeral Wetland program WILL continue in 2018!  Click here for details or click here to fill out the survey to get started!  Contact Rebecca ( with any questions.




Women's Front


Striped Newtist t-shirts are in!  Mens and Ladies (Ladies front displayed at left) T-shirts are 100% organic cotton and produced right here in the USA. Proceeds from the $30 purchase price will go directly to our Striped Newt Repatriation Project. Click here for more info and to order.




Research – Click here to learn about the many past and present research projects with which we are involved including ephemeral pond-breeding amphibians, ephemeral pond restoration assessment, eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, wetland augmentation, and much more!




Education – This page provides more information about our What Lives in a Wetland program through which we invite the community to visit our research site in the Munson Sandhills (Apalachicola National Forest), our new Wetland Wagon program that brings our research into area classrooms, our Adopt an Ephemeral Wetland program, and other outdoor learning opportunities.



Services – CPI offers many services including guided field trips and ecotours, ephemeral wetland inventory and assessment, services related to natural history documentary films (equipment, land, habitats, etc.), creation of Adopt a Wetland programs, and lectures.



David Wright ( filming Bruce Means for National Geographic Snake Wranglers s


Media – The research and other work of Coastal Plains Institute biologists have been featured in many documentaries, TV shows, newspaper articles, and other media over the years.  Check out this page for details and links.



Get Involved – There are several ways you can get involved and help preserve the biodiversity of the southeastern Coastal Plain such as: becoming a member and supporting our general efforts and operation, donating directly to our ephemeral wetland research and education projects, enrolling in our adopt an ephemeral wetland program to monitor amphibian populations in the Apalachicola National Forest, volunteering to help us with our educational and research efforts, and following us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.



Our Preserves  – Click here to learn about our two conservation lands. Rowlett’s Creek Preserve is an 80-acre in-holding in the Apalachicola National Forest that we are converting from a slash pine plantation back to a native longleaf pine forest.  Crown Point Preserve is a 170-acre white-topped pitcher plant bog on the eastern shores of Perdido Bay that we acquired as a mitigation package for a nearby subdivision.